Complete Battery Pack Teardown


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I think a class action against BRP to have them uphold warrantee commitments to existing owners might be a good strategy. I was trying to research US law and there may be an obligation if the new owner to fulfill commitments of the old owner - even suppliers seem to have a possible commitment - 40 CFR § 1037.620 - Responsibilities for multiple manufacturers - starting point?

Really need a lawyer to weigh in on this but thinking we have an argument that BRP may have product support and warrantee commitments.
Good to see an R pack made it into the hands of some dude looking to create a Frankenstein fire hazard and not the owners of bikes that need one. Glad the months of making contacts and putting the word out really paid off (y)

Looks like I won't be using the batteries for this project. I spoke with many of the engineers on the Alta team and 5 modules in series would require stripping out the slave BMS's and making my own. Are you interested in buying these? they are located in Morgan Hill CA. Here's how your connections pay off

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