Complete plug and play replacement displays now available


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After a number of months of collaboration between several parties, we now have to offer an option for a complete plug and play replacement display for our Altas. As we know there were display shortage issues at the end of Alta's days, so there was no inventory of displays left to service or repair the population of bikes that they had already produced. We had a few (as I recall, two) pop up that were spares in the hands of private parties, but nothing else. Fortunately @Rashid510 was eventually able to obtain some extra display boards that were left in the hands of the supplier, and that helped us get some bikes that had broken displays repaired and back up and running. Problem was there were no housings left, so the best we could do was hope that the housing was salvageable in the case of a wrecked display.

The supply of those original boards has since been exhausted, many of us buying them up for insurance and then putting them away for safe keeping. Since then through the liquidation of Alta's inventory, a quantity of the next design display boards and corresponding revised wire harnesses surfaced. We call these the "V2" displays. In terms of functionality they are exactly like the V1 display, but there are significant differences that make them incompatible with the original housing design, so they cannot be used to repair a V1 display.

Manufacturing a close reproduction of Alta's housing design was not practical for the small quantities that realistically would be needed, so what we looked at making was a housing that was durable and practical to produce in low volumes. What we came up with is more utilitarian than what you are familiar with, but should prove to be plenty robust and also serviceable.

Housing is manufactured out of billet Delrin and has a 1/8" thick replaceable Lexan cover, o-ring sealed and secured by stainless steel torx hardware all around. Housing will retain the same pressure venting that Alta built into their design, but will not have any push buttons to access the three buttons (you may recall the poll that was posted on this some months back). Instead to access the buttons there are stainless steel button head cap screws in the cover that once removed, the same allen key can then be inserted through the hole to carefully depress the button for access to the functions.

Alta's V2 housings were going to be slightly larger, and Alta had went ahead and had larger foam enclosures made for the MX/MXR models, and fortunately we have access to those. These new housing were made to fit into those larger foams. EX/EXR/SM guys and gals have no issues there, however these unfortunately could not be made small enough to work with the "Alta Vaults".

The finished look is raw, there are no labels for the four corner indicator lights, but it is possible going forward to have a custom cover decal produced if the interest is there. Keep in mind this is an enthusiast designed housing that has not undergone the level of scrutiny that Alta would have subjected them to, but they have been overbuilt to take a beating.

We have a small initial quantity ready to go and will gauge producing any additional quantities based on the interest shown on these first displays. Rashid510 will be handling all sales of these units and will provide the pricing. Our original displays are essentially irreplaceable, so now there is an option to put your OEM display in a safe place and run this unit without need of enclosures or other forms of protection. Below I will also link a video of what the perimeter lights will look like when the bike is powered on and stopped.



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Hello everybody!

Thanks again @snydes for kicking of this awesome project. Took a bit to figure out how to model the V2 board into a robust frame but kudos to snydes for getting it figured out!
As the V2 PCBA was an Alta design that never got released to production, its pretty awesome to be able to come out with these displays for owners. Stay tuned for further display goodies! Also thanks @ayden_kry for getting the parts out of the menagerie that is the Alta parts supply.

Production is pretty straightforward and should have the initial run ready within the week. Please reach out via PM for purchasing details. These are also purchasable for international owners (not just limited to USA).

As snydes indicated, this display housing and foam is a direct replacement for a V1 display. Zip ties will be required to attach the foam to the handlebars, exactly like the V1 display. the screw and washer hardware to attach the display to the foam is also carry over and can be provided upon request. All displays will be programmed before shipped, so its plug and play into your bike.

Annnd now....unit 001:


I’m sold I’ll buy a one this is awesome, I’m extremely thankful for people In this form continuing to make more and more parts we will need!

I started a thread about custom subframes if anyone may be interested it’s in general discussion I’m just looking for some feedback have a good weekend everyone!


I am definitely interested. Thank you for creating and making available. I have ridden my MXR since Alta Motors closed their doors due to the fear of damaging the machine and not being able to find parts and repair


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Great job. The idea of losing our favorite bike due to a crashed display was the reason I designed the AltaVault but it was a stop-gap. This replacement is what was needed so we have a constant source of replacement parts to keep the Altas alive. I understand the hours of thought to get your idea to fruition and I applaud you efforts on behalf of all the Alta owners. This is just another example why this site is such a great source for anyone who has or wants one of these fantastic bikes. It is a closely knit community of owners.


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I would take 2 all day. Thanks for your hard work. Great group of guys on here. Super thankful for the support. If anybody is on Long Island and wants to ride beautiful single track on very east end reach out. I have 28 mile loop 1hr 20 minute ride that is perfect with EXR


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