When will one of the majors bring an E-bike to the market


Yeah, my KTM freeride e got 21 HP and I Love IT, its so much fun! An E-Bike with 50 HP must be Something Special that I would never let Go, If I had one



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as far as the aftermarket goes lubricants other than grease, pipes ,jet kits and power commanders will take a hit but a new market for batteries and controllers will be created to fill the void. ebikes still need tires, wheels, handlebars, levers, grips, brakes, sprockets, chains, plastics, lights, turn signals etc. so most am companies will be fine. cables are already starting to disappear as fly by wire becomes increasingly popular on ice bikes so cable companies like motion pro are branching out into tools and tire changing equipment . on the plus side when battery upgrades become popular maybe Altas can be refitted and live forever! I recently purchased a Sur Ron and am amazed at how many upgrades are available for it! if this is any indication of how the aftermarket will react to change it's gonna be one hell of a ride! I predict that within a year you will be able to make a storm bee competitive with many options available. buy an alta now and enjoy the inevitable!


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I guess it's good for the electric mx industry, but this statement:
"In the context of electric motors being used in motocross, a universal battery system seems like the only real solution to fair racing at the moment. It would be difficult to monitor and regulate electric motors in racing without an official racing spec motor."
But they aren't talking about a standard motor, just a standard battery..
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