Fog getting some air


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Ann Arbor, MI
So he is not allowed to take a full credit for the two holeshots then, right? Bummer. LOL!

He might have to just share the credit with Alta. No big deal!


Captain Cautious
Cottonwood , Calif.
Ok , Here it is . Fog is too the far out side , about 30 th gate pick . He lights up the rear tire on the concrete start pad , fish tails into the guy on the left of him banging elbows , and then gaps the whole field up the first hill !!! . They come around the first lap , and the race is Red flagged . Rider down . Thats when people start talking , Saying it was an Alta . That electric bike . Well lets just see if he can do it again . Gate drops , and this time .... its a larger gap on the entire field . I get goosebumps just typing this out . Wish i got a pic of him on the podium , receiving his Holeshot award . His buddy got a few pics. Hope to see it posted on here .
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