Electric Flat Track at The One Moto Show in Portland - Feb 8


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There will be an electric motorcycle flat track race at the One Moto Show 2020 at the Portland Memorial Coliseum this coming weekend. The event schedule has it is listed as an Expert class for “all electric bikes”.

Zero Motorcycles is the presenting sponsor for this race. Here is their brief announcement:
The first ever Electric National, presented by Zero Motorcycles, is happening at this year’s The One Motorcycle Show races. National level riders on all electric motorcycles and a stacked gate of top level racers. Cash money for a prize and the glory of being the 1st ever Electric National! See you there on February 8th.⁠
I know Jeff Carver (AFT National #23) was out in California testing an electric bike a couple of weeks ago so there may be some top riders in the race. The One Moto flat track event has been video streamed in prior years so hopefully it will be up again for 2020. The schedule puts the electric race around 8:45PM PT.


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Oh man, this is tempting to run down to see. Thanks for posting, I hadn't heard about the lecky bikes racing there.
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We weighed it for the first time last night. It’s 250lbs. Vinnie is confident we could cut 10 lbs out of it if we used a thinner wall tube for the main frame and swingarm. We went with .120 wall for a decent safety factor and will go thinner for any future iterations. In the race last night though, weight was not our enemy..

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