Sold Pair of SMs looking for new home

Burns, OR
I have two 2018 supermotos. I am hoping to move away from street riding and will part with one or both :(

VIN #40 has 1500 miles, New Rage Cycles fender delete and front blinkers, flimsy white acerbis handguards (really, windblocks only), Shinko 805 tires (w/ about 500 miles on them) and supermoto mirrors. It's located in Seattle, WA. It belonged to user Speedkills in San Francisco for its first 1000 miles, then lived on Orcas Island for most of the last year. It has cosmetic scuffs on the kickstand, rear axel nut and the swingarm near the chain tensioner. The plastics are in perfect shape.

VIN #46 has 3200 miles, New Rage Cycles fender delete, flimsy black acerbis handguards, Shinko 805 tires (w/ about 2000 miles on them) and supermoto mirrors. It's located in Mountain View, CA. I bought it new at Hillsboro Motorsports outside Portland Oregon, and put about half the miles on it around Bishop, CA, and the rest in the bay area. It has no marks on the frame, but the plastics are more worn (no cracks or bad scrapes) from slow speed tip overs on dirt roads. Altas are great for teaching new riders, but this will happen.... The kickstand sensor is disconnected on this bike.

Both bikes have been kept at ~50% state of charge with an automatic outlet timer which the new owner can keep. I've changed the gear oil regularly, kept the bikes clean and chains nice, and stored both indoors without exception. I have the original fenders, mirrors and blinkers, and a skid plate for #40. I haven't noticed any range reduction in either bike w/ mileage.

Pictures show #40 in front of a brick house and #46 at sunset. Other than the handguards and front blinkers, it's hard to tell the bikes apart.

Asking $6500 for #46 and $7000 for #40.








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What bad timing! Just spent a bunch of time and money making a supermoto kit for my EX... Should have just bought yours :(