Open Source DIY Alta Multitool CAN Bus Adapter

I would like to share with Alta community how to DIY an open source CAN Bus adapter cable that could be used with Alta Multitool.
I have tested it on my own MXR and it works great, but a disclaimer - use it at your own risk.
NOTE: I have not updated firmware using this adapter, since my bike is already on the latest one.


USB Can Bus adapter
The adapter has to support Lawicel ASCII protocol specified here.

There are multiple adapters available but I have decided to use CANable.

CANable with microUSB connector can be bought here - shipping from US - $29 + shipping

Or on Ebay - shipping from China:
microUSB version - $19.90 + $5 shipping
USB-A version - $19.90 + $5 shipping

Plug that connects to Alta Can Bus connector - RP13A-12PA-13SC(71) made by HRS.
It can be bough from Digi-Key for $6 - RP13A-12PA-13SC(71).
Contacts for the plug have to be bought separately - 2 pcs. - $0.41 - RP13A-SC-121

Some kind of plastic enclosure for the CANable to keep it from shorting to metallic parts on the bike.


Crimp or solder two wires to contacts and insert contacts into positions 7 and 11, looking at the front of the plug


Connect wire 7 to CANH and wire 11 to CANL on the CANable.


Follow instructions by TCMB371 here to install Alta Multitool

Connect CANable to any of the USB ports on your laptop.
Open a terminal window and run "ls /dev/ttyA*" command, as a response you should see:

Run "lsusb" command. Among the USB devices you should see one that matches ID below:
Bus 001 Device 092: ID ad50:60c4

Download file attached in this post
Unzip it and place it in the "AltaMT-Engineering/redshift_multitool-3.37.11.ET/redshift_multitool/_ext_python_lib/" directory

Open "AltaMT-Engineering/redshift_multitool-3.37.11.ET/redshift_multitool/_ext_python_lib/" file in your favorite editor and modify line 87 from:

self._can_source = lawicel.CANUSB(device=device, bitrate=bitrate, filters=filters,
self._can_source = canable.CANUSB(device=device, bitrate=bitrate, filters=filters,

Save the file and run install script for the Multitool, "sudo python install" from "AltaMT-Engineering/redshift_multitool-3.37.11.ET/" directory

Start the Multitool "sudo redshift_multitool"

Multitool should detect CANbus adapter and start in full mode.

Shut down Multitool.

Connect plug to your Alta and turn on the bike.
Start Multitool and it should connect to your bike.

If you want to use Lawicel can adapter just change back line 87 in the file and run install command again.


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