Any interest in this? 3D printed screen relocation mount....

Don Thuren

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Bend, Oregon
Hello all!

I've learned so much from this forum thought I would offer this to return the favor a little, IF there is interest in this...

I moved my screen to behind the number plate so I could get a normal crossbar pad on, the flashing light kinda bugged me sometimes when riding, and the screen is more protected here..

Not to mention redoing those damn zip ties every time you want to adjust your bars was a pain...

I'd just pass along the cost and time for my guys to package and ship. I often use a high quality industrial supplier for 3D printed parts, and if about 25 people can commit I could have these to people in the US for about $35 shipped to your door, with hardware, drill template, etc..

Just throwing it out there!

Not looking for any money up front just curios if anyone here wanted one... If about 20+ here say they want one, I'll just get them ordered up... Should be here in about a week.

mount backside.jpg




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