For Sale Alta Spares, Charger, Bodywork, Throttle tube and more!


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On 110 the rapid charger will help. Upping the voltage (220) will help further.
I don't know how the rapid charger works with 110 V. I have both. The difference in current with 230 V is less than 1 A - 12,5 A with standard charger and 13,1 A with the rapid one. The charging time is more or less the same, may be some 5 minutes less with the rapid charger to charge up to 90 %.


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Hello Everyone, Thank you for helping me sell these spares, here's a quick update on whats left. FYI: There's been a few people who have called dibs on parts but have not followed up with me, please message me here.

- New unused Rapid Charger $550 SOLD
- Factory Diagnostic Dongle $100 SOLD
- Laptop SOLD
- Rear white Fender New $70
- New white front fender $35
- Complete full bodywork kit with "Debrino" Zebra graphics used great shape $250
- Used SM front fender $35
- Rear fender used yellow $25
- Rear fender used white $25
- Right number used plate $25 SOLD
- Yellow shrouds left and right ugly broken but work $35
- Electric Throttle tube and housing, works but tube is damaged. $25
- Foot peg $20 SOLD
- Fork guards $20 SOLD