For Sale 2019 Alta EXR for Sale in Central Ohio.


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Marysville, OH
Asking $10,200 OBO

Miles: 1021.6
Hours: 58.2
Charger: 110V
Accessories: None.
Maintenance: Adjusted the chain twice. Changed gear oil at 20 hours, approximately 80cc.
Original Tires and Chain.
I have the Title.

I'm a 49 year old Mechanical Engineer. Most of the miles on this bike are from me riding around my yard. I've ridden it to work on the road a few times. I've also taken it to local motocross tracks. Never crashed.

Link to Photos: Click Here!

Note the Left OEM (Cycra Primal) Handguard is missing. I rode last weekend and apparently it fell off somewhere without me realizing it.

Contact: George, 937-309-9852