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Santa Clarita
Last weekend at Willow Springs 3/8 mile flat track race on my 2018 modified Alta. Suspension by Durelle Racing.
I kept seeing the warning light come on after a lap or two. Can someone tell me what causes this? Outside temps in the high 90's. Always in map-4.
Could this condition reduce power? Seemed to stay with the 450's for the most part tho got passed for the lead with 2 laps to go. Ended up 2nd in the Super Senior class (+60)

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Definitely going to need some external cooling on the battery during warmer days (90+). While rapid charging, I use the mister fan + water bucket setup that Philip linked to and it works well to keep the battery temps down. This is advantageous for two reasons: 1) The bike will charge its fastest since the charger/bike monitors battery temp and reduces current if temps get too high. 2) It will reduce battery temps at the beginning of your ride, giving you a larger thermal ceiling and reducing the chance of hitting the thermal limiter.

On hot days here in SoCal, particularly at faster, loamier tracks like Cahuilla Creek and Glen Helen, if i dont use the mister fan while charging, its almost guaranteed ill hit the thermal limiter on my next ride out after charging. Because of that, 5 gal bucket full of water + the mister fan is part of the standard equipment i bring to the track with me.

I explain the setup here at 10:14


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