Want to buy Wanted : MXR


Hi all.

As some might have read in the general section, I am looking for a MXR to bring over here to the U.K. to help promote Electric bikes at my new track I am building and to allow me to ride so much more in a country that plain hates noise.

Have spoken to a few people and I think its best to put it out there on a wanted ad rather than wait and see what might come up.

I am open to anything really, but a good 2019 MXR is really what I would like & hopefully one that has had the latest/updated firmware with a few miles / hours on too, or at least has/can be checked for the latest firmware by some one, this is to try and ensure that I have a good chance of a no "wire-bond issue" bike as being over here on this rock is hard enough, let alone if I ran into a problem that could not be fixed as "easy" as if I was in the U.S.A. easy meaning having some support from people you could, if possible ship your battery to for possible repair etc.

With the help thats been shown on here time again by our members, this is what has really made me bite the bullet and go for one!, the support from people who own one & who have worked at Alta, people who have taken displays apart / battery's apart / make multitool available and the wiring needed & take the time to make things and test/learn and share their knowledge on an open forum is fantastic and I thank them as its made me feel secure in working hard to get my Electric facility running and to have a bike I can show everyone just how awesome it really is!.

Ok, back to it....Ideal would be the 2019 model MXR but I would be interested in a 2018 that has some run time and is proven if the deal is right, as i do have to factor in alot of extra costs on top of a purchase price to finally get one here.

I have a good friend in Temecula and one in Vegas (for a short time) then will be in Oaklahoma, who have offered to help me with viewing/collecting and shipping the bike over here so I have that side of it worked out. Next container leaves on the 29th...not sure my future bike will make it for then!. A deal closer to Temecula would be a big plus!.

Also, anything thats closer would be great, in Europe etc would make things alot easier to come and get it myself. Even if its an older 2017 model "MX" i might be interested, but the price would have to be good.

I check the forum every day & the for sale section too several times and also the same for the FB page that was mentioned in another thread, so no need to post up anything from either of them please as I would have seen and be on it if its what i wanted.

A P.M. with info would be great please as it will come through to me quicker & is easier to load up mobile. Please inc what you have, where you are, some details of the bike and its history & also a price too please.

Ok, thanks for looking and reading. Now, go and enjoy riding your bikes!.

(I will update this if and when i finally get one sorted out).