The banner that got me in this mess!


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Going back to February 2018 before this forum and when Philip and I were casually talking about Altas on Thumpertalk, my wife and I were on our annual escape the Northeast winter dirt bike trip to Florida. This year we were making a stop at a new to us spot in Georgia, Highland Park. At this point I was very interested in the Alta and the recent news of the MXR model and the drop in price just about had me convinced to buy one. I was however trying to talk myself down, determined I’d absolutely have to demo one to be sure it was everything I thought it would be. We pulled up to the main building at Highland Park to register for our stay, the main building was also a motorcycle dealership, KTM World, who was to my surprise also now an Alta dealer. There in front of the building was the big Alta Motors banner and I said to my wife, “oh shit, this is gonna get expensive”. Next day I rode their demo bike and that was all the convincing I needed.

Fast forward to now and my recent KTM World suspension revalve (see Philips post My quest for a perfect Alta Redshift motocross suspension). Through some unexpected events that played out, I was able to obtain their Alta Motors dealer banner and now it’s proudly being displayed in my shop as a reminder of the day that got me hooked on these bikes. Who would have thought?

Anyhow, things seem a little slow around here lately so I hope you all enjoyed my long winded story about a banner, thanks for listening! :cool:


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