Talk me into buying an Alta. Talk me out of buying an Alta.


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Sold the KTM, then this happened:

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2018 MXR. Drove 800 miles, 13 hrs, one way to get it. Drove home the next day, another 800 miles, 13 hrs. With God as my, err...wait, with our pug Mojie as my co-pilot.

PSA side note: If you want to travel under the radar, like for example you're like me and very shy and not overly friendly to strangers, not a nasty person, just not very outgoing until I get to know people, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT travel anywhere with an Alta dirt bike in the bed of your truck and a pug on a perch riding shotgun. It's a formula for LOTS of attention, ha ha. We actually had a good time meeting some really nice peeps on the trip, but holy cow its like being a minor celebrity, Lol.

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Exhausted, kind of poor health, but HAD to ride it the next day, almost did not go, but I had to see if I made the right call here having only ridden a MX once for about 10-15 mins.

Oh my freaking dog! I love this bike! Lol.

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I'll do a separate ride review thread later, but suffice to say, I'm beside myself, so excited. I was absolutely ripping on this thing, riding way over my head in no time. Fastest, best handling, easiest to ride 270 lb porker dirt bike I've ever ridden, ha ha. Only did 14 miles yesterday, but every muscle in my body is sore and the blisters are ready to go full blown, especially if I get out on it again today (can't remember the last time I rode back to back days).

THANK YOU everyone for helping me learn more about these amazing bikes and for encouraging me to jump in the deep end, even if there is no lifeguard on duty (Alta Corp)!!! -Ed aka Fast Eddie, Lol
Any troubles with your 2018 MxR?


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Ann Arbor, MI
I wish the bike could wash itself. Then there would be no maintenance at all for me.

Has anyone invented an automatic bike wash yet?

Hmm... If it really works, it would become very popular at motocross tracks.


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And now I have been cursed with the opportunity to get an SM. Do I need three? The SM can actually be set up for dirt so... sell the EX to one of you guys?

What kind of crazy question is this? Of course you need 3, especially if one is an SM. Jeez, what is this world coming to? 2020, everyone's losing it, Lol.


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yeah, and the wifey says do it... so there is that. Bringing sanity back to my world.


And that's funny. In our house, my wife doesn't want to hear anything about buying and selling bikes. Drives her crazy. Fine by me, Lol.

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