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How do you rotate the pictures? It shows in proper orientation when not posted.
Okay, I am going to enable the Rotate function for all Well-Known Members. To find it click the drop-down arrow circled in red.

For now, rotate your own pictures only.

WARNING!!! It will rotate the pictures every time you use this function, but it WILL NOT rotate them in your browser. Therefore, DO NOT GO BACK and try rotating them again. REFRESH your browser instead.

To refresh your browser in Windows, press Ctrl-F5. Mac has something similar. Android and iPhone browsers are a PITA, you have to clear the cache to reload the pics. So, make sure that the pics are properly rotated in the Rotate add-on view. Ignore the thread view, or clear your cache.




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Red River Motorcycle Trails yesterday . . .

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Jealous! They have closed down all of our state parks here in Cali as of a few days ago, including the offroad parks. So bummed. There aren’t a lot of places to ride here that are in easy driving distance of the Bay Area. Maybe @Butch and his buds at the Bay Area Riders Forum could suggest some places to ride.
North Texas
Red River is private. They had a special check-in process so employees and customers weren't exposed to each other. The parking lot was fairly busy, but there was more than enough room for separation. Out on the trails, it felt like I had the place to myself. It's huge, so even on a busy day it can feel empty.

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