Show me the pics of your most favorite bike!


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My first Ebike: Quantya Track from Switzerland. Brand dissapeared like may other, but we had good fun in our "Ebike rental park for everyone"! 7 years of burning money, than i tried to deal ALTAs. Same story at the end!

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I have a fantasy of opening an e-bike only ORV facility on an idle 90 acre tract that the family collectively owns on the eastern seaboard in Canada. The reasons why this is a bad idea and will never happen are many. But I can not stop thinking about it.

And a shot of my all time favorite dirt bike, in keeping with the spirit of this thread:



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yes, i still own it, build it two years ago and it works well. On the picture i use one battery pack from a Zero FX (3,2 ah) + a Lipo boost pack. Controller is a sevcon gen4 size 6. At the moment i build a new batterie with 448 Sony vtc 6 cells. That´s a bit less compared to a MXR , but i have to loose weight . I think the power is more like a mx

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Wow! Beautiful conversion. How much does it weigh? How much did the conversion costing?

I really think there will be a huge market for these if any company is ever smart enough to create a standard option; all the components required to switch to electric the can just fit into any modern MX chassis. Makes a lot more sense than trying to develop an entire bike, especially when the major OEMs have so finely tuned their frames and suspension over the decades.


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One of my favourite bikes* is my KX250 -1993, completely custom built from new with Chromed frame, Factory Connection Suspension, Pro Circuit tuned engine and exhaust, Ohlins / Scott steering damper and more hop-up stuff .
Had previously raced with Honda CR250-1992 + 1993 and both were designed to win Supercross championships with, not high speed European outdoor MX tracks where stability and forgiving suspension are much more useful ( IMO) than snappy power and razor-sharp handling (with headshake) the Ohlins steering damper was traded over from the CR's who needed them BAD. I test rode a friends 93-KX250 and was several seconds faster a lap, next day I went to the Kawasaki dealer.
The picture is taken on the first test ride straight out of the garage , and you could see how eager I was to ride it and get the Racing season on

* This bike took me to the best position ever in the Swedish / State B-Nationals, but was also the bike that really ended me participating in competitive Racing as I had lent out my race bike YZ400F ( 1998) to a Former Pro-Racer friend ( who never had Raced a 4-stroke) at a Local MX fun race and took out and dusted off my KX250 from retirement. We checked it over and all was good during practice but during the Race the throttle stuck at WFO ( probably some shit in the Carb ) and I flew way off the track, game over.
Did a number of surgeries and many years of rehab to be able to walk decently again but I'm happy to be able to ride even though it's in "snail pace"


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