Rediscover this day: It's been 3 years!


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Google just reminded me this morning about something very important. Three years ago today was the first time I swang my leg over an Alta Redshift MX!

February 11, 2017 there was an Alta Demo Day at the Hollister Hills SVRA in the Northern California. I drove over there, but instead of riding the demo bike I met @Butch and @Alta05, and ended up riding the Butch's 2017 Alta Redshift MX bike most of the day. Which was great because we took these bikes to various trails, and I was also able to run a few laps at the motocross track. Awesome! Thank you, @Butch! That was a great day.

This is what planted the seed in my brain. And later that year I had my very own 2017 Alta Redshift MX!

Here is @Butch

My happy face!

My happy face #2

@Butch's MX

My happy face #3

Alta's Carolyn, @Alta05 behind her, and a few of potential Alta owners checking out the bikes


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It was Bell Ride day, I think... Philip rode Troll Trail with us.
and yeah, before I got the kickstand option...
At first I thought it was a toilet brush. I'm like, well, it's probably good for getting between the spokes and under the fenders... but the bike will tip over if you try to use the brush!


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Nice story, Philip!

My first time riding some MX's at a demo day at Milestone was September 7, 2017. My commentary speaks for itself. I was HOOKED! My first time switching the bike into Map 4 and I wasn't ready for the immediate snap of torque and lost it in a corner hahaha
@Mark911 was the first person (outside of Alta demos) I ever saw with an Alta. We were at an Old Timers MX race at Cahuilla on 05-Dec-2017 and he was there with his MX. I was drooling over the bike. It was the first time i met Mark, too. Probably talked his ear off that morning :LOL:. He even had Cone Valves and Trax shock back then!
Fast forward 10 months, i bought my MXR! Little did i know that 2 months later, Alta would close its doors.


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There's no question, for most of us here, it was love at first sight.

I was hooked before I even rode one, just walked into the dealership and said take my money!!
Same here. Had never even seen an Alta or even an electric motorcycle in person. I was elbow deep in yet another carb rebuild due to stupid-ass ethynol-blend gas. I put the bike back together, tried to kickstart the damn internal non-combustion beast, and the fickle bitch refused to start (Ok, it helps if you reconnect the spark plug, but my ineptitude at basic mechanical checklists had no direct bearing on my decision that day.)

I had had enough. I stormed into the house, told my wife that I had had enough. She said to do something about it. I sat down at the googling machine and researched all the alternatives and decided this Alta thing was the best alternative out there. It checked all the boxes for low maintenance, fun, turn-it-on-and-go joy. I was about to pull the trigger, when I found out Alta had gone under. Well crap!

I pondered for a few months, but the conviction that it was the right bike grew. How could YouTube reviews be wrong? I finally decided that finding the joy in riding again instead of constantly repairing my gas bike was worth the gamble. I could wait for something else to come along until I was too old to ride, or I could buy this cool bike now. With a cry of “YOLO!” I was on the hunt.

I then proceeded to locate the most expensive bike I could find, not negotiate, and then buy it. And I did. I didn’t even ride the bike until after I signed the paperwork. Rode it for 5 min in the parking lot before I loaded it in the truck. Then I wrote a funny story about it.

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