Rear wheel issue


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I decided to try my Alta at Flat Track a few weeks back on my MX.
Borrowed some KTM wheels with FT tires on them, from a friend.
Machined up some spacers for the front, and trimmed some 85sx wheel spacers to mate the hub to the skinny Alta axle/swingarm.

Long and the short of it, is that since removing the FT rear wheel, my stock Alta wheel no longer fits.
Seems about 5mm too wide for the swingarm.... Anyone had similar issues when trying to run KTM wheels on the rear?

I'm assuming I have somehow squeezed the swingarm ends together by a few millimeters.... by fastening the axle with the other hub/wheel in it...


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I have mounted the KTM supermoto wheels from my 525 on the EXR several times and have seen nothing similar. (w/ ALTA wheel spacers in front and brake caliper spacer in front) The stock ALTA Warp 9 wheels mount right back as before. Also of course, make sure the spacers are fully seated on the ALTA wheel when trying to re-install.


Thanks for the input. The spacers on the hub already seem to be flush. Mine seem fixed, they don’t come off the hub freely, assume I would need to remove a clip to get them off...

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