OK, Reasons to buy an ALTA!

Everyone is wondering why they should buy an ALTA... Well, after working on 3 of my other bikes (2018 Kaw 250F, 2018 Kaw 450F and a 2007 TM 300MX) yesterday i'm gonna tell you why. Now get your calculator out and let's begin shall we. 1 - I had to drain the oil and change the filter on 2 bikes and just change the oil on the other. Time to perform the entire job was just under 20 minutes ( because I have done it to these amny times before and i'm quick at it because I don't wanna do it anyway). Times = 20 min Cost, Filters = $42.00 Oil = $45.00. 2 - Now we are going to do something real fun and time consuming, check the valve lash on the Kwackers. Simply disassemble everything on the top hafl of the bike and go to it. Total time to check valves (if nothing is wrong - cross your fingers here) 45 minutes. 3 - Next up is the Air filters. Getem out and get dirty! YAAAAAAH BUDDDY! I like to soak those suckers in gas while my buddy looks over my shoulder while smoking just to add a little excitment. You can do it your way though. Get them good and oiled and don't forget about the grease on the sealing ring or your gonna suck sand (wow, it was like my dad was just here yelling that to me). Time = 30 minutes Cost = $3.00 gal gas and $5.00 for PJ1 filter oil (could be more nowdays. I bulk bought them in the 80s). 4 - Next we get to check the clutchs on the 450 and 300. Why just them and not the 250F, Because that one was just fixed to the tune of $300.00 after I blew it to bits. It is so nice that the OEMs don't make you take the whole clutch cover off anymore (some of them were such a pain to do I went and got a new bike). KX needed clutch plates (because I can't stop fanning the clutch like a 125!) for the 6th time and the clutch basket is starting to look like some middle shool kids just learned how to use a tree saw. In goes the new clutch basket and plates (cool! I gotta real good deal on them) and back together it goes. The TM clutch looks great and goes back together with just a bit of adjustment. Total time = 2 hours Cost = $385.00. OK, were gonna do a recap now because what you see here so far is a COMPLETE waste of time and damned near a weeks pay for most if you had to pay for labor (providing the Ding Dong at the bike shop did everything correct). Oh yeah, you don't have to do any of this crap on an ALTA!!! NONE of it.. So, How much time did we spend on farting around with these meaningless jobs? I don't know ( I told you to get the calculator, now use it). If you have to think about it you will have missed the point completely and the ones that got it were the ones out ridding while I was screwing around wishing I was ridding. Do we really have to tell you any other reasons why you should buy an ALTA? Really?
YES, YES, YES! The point is to be riding, not playing in the garage (while that has its own benefits). I really think it is cool when I get off the trail and park next to my box van (AKA Boxy) and all I have to do is fire up the generator (yes, It's a Yamaha) check the tire pressures and blow a little dirt out of the footpeg springs (yep! I'm picky) then I get to take a nap. When I wake up I'm ready to go again. Weeeeeeeeeee!

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