New Years Day Ride


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Was sitting home on New Years Day bumming out, it had been pouring and howling winds all night long, raining for weeks, wanted to ride, but wasn't up for a mud ride in the rain and wind. Saw a friends post on Facebook, they're up at the property we ride at, no rain, no winds, clear skies. What?!!!

Immediately jumped up, threw my riding gear, bike, etc, in the truck, headed up to the property. Made it up there early afternoon, plenty of time to get some miles in. Sure enough, it wasn't raining, no wind, even some sun. Wow.

First ride out on the MXR with the KTM triple clamps setup, new 18" rear wheel, new Shinko tires. Everything worked fine. Was muddy as heck, lots of front end plowing, but the bike did good, had a great time.

Here's a vid of a lap around the perimeter of the property. Its amazing how open everything is in the winter, you can actually see the trail, usually its like riding a jungle, Lol.


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