New Motors to improve range??


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A new motor design claims 2-5x torque at similarly scaled conventional motors, which means we could shave maybe 2x the weight off the motor. Of course I don't know how much the motor itself weighs so maybe that isn't a huge improvement. However they claim their motor is 10% more efficient, which is a direct range increase. That's pretty cool. Here is the article:
Texas Start-up New Motor Design


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The Alta motor is about 17 lbs. However, I'd need more data before coming to any conclusions regarding this so called "breakthrough". For example, they quote power/torque density but that doesn't consider size or shape. Yes, it might very well have 2x torque density but if the darn thing needs to be 2 feet in diameter and only a couple inches wide who cares, it'll never fit on a bike. Also, how well does the technology/manufacturing scale? Maybe it's 2x at 250kw but when you scale it down to 50kws how's it do? Plus, some of the weight savings might be lost if more extensive/heavier control electronics or inverter is required. Just too many unanswered question. However, the mechanical advance/retard of the system is pretty slick and it does eliminate wasted power required for typical d axis (speed) regulation.

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