MX basket case bike resuscitation

Wiring harness stuff. Prototype bike has harness (Delphi) 2100741-01 Rev 3. My working bike was built about 150 bikes after the prototype and has a different harness (2100741-04)

If I compare -01 harness to the pinout shown here Battery Pack Disassembled (Frustrating Weekend) (which may or not be -04 but is similar to the harness on my working bike), I see a few differences.

1. The twisted pair green and white from the display pigtail runs to the ACM in -01. That twisted pair runs to the DCCP in -04, so the DCCP cube connector is different between harnesses. 8 pins vs 6 pins.

2. In harness -01, the red wire from the DCCP pigtail goes to pin 2E in the ACM connector while the red wire from the throttle pigtail goes to pin 4E. In harness -04 these two red wires are vice versa: DCCP red to pin 4E, throttle red to 2E.

3. Key pigtail on -01 only has 2 wires and ACM pin 1A is unoccupied. In Marks pinout, key has a third wire going to 1A.

I know that this a pretty dry story to read through but I'm definitely learning from all the help I'm getting here.:cool:

On a more interesting note i have to wonder why somebody in las vegas has what looks to be an R pack bike harness in a state of undress Alta Motorcycle Wire Harness | eBay :unsure: Somebody snap it up before it expires or gets thrown away!
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