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Finally got around to making a video review of the Moto Cinch system.

There are a couple old videos from the original Moto Cinch company, but no real in-depth reviews on YouTube that I could find. This might be because the company went out of business for a while, but it looks like a new guy down in Texas bought the company recently and is now marketing things again. Anyway, I thought I would go a bit more in-depth on my video review.

I've been running these new Moto Cinch strapless tie-down devices for a couple weeks now. Starting to get the hang of them, as there is a little bit of a learning curve. Finally have them adjusted to my liking, as far as height and stiffness. They come out of the box pretty stiff, so I had to back off the bolts a little bit to get them to move freely. Also getting more experience with the retention straps, as they are kind of hard to get on and off at first. They are getting easier as we use them, maybe stretching just a tiny bit, or maybe it is just that we are figuring out the proper technique to get them on an off. It would have been nice if the straps were about 1cm longer, though!

One thing I didn't get into in the video below was the installation of the L-track brackets in the bed of the pickup. Each install will be different. My 2017 Tundra wasn't too bad, but I did have to drop the spare tire to get to the bolts for the middle two brackets. It is definitely a two person job, one in the truck bed and one under the truck to hold the wrench in place. I will say that it is critical to get the holes for each bracket exactly right, or the bolts will not be parallel to each other. If the bolts are not parallel to the other one in the same bracket, the edge of the bolt will stick up just a tiny bit, and you won't be able to slide the L-track connector into the slot freely. I had to go back and redo two of them by drilling slightly bigger holes, so the bolts had room to align properly. Kind of a pain, but it is also kind of a one time thing. Also, fortunately, I was able to place the brackets in the valleys between the grooves in the truck bed. This way, the brackets do not stick up too far, and I can slide things into the bed of the truck. Also, I was a bit worried I wouldn't have room to slide my ginormous Black Widow ramp between the two center Moto Cinches. I had just enough room, with about 1" on either side of the ramp to spare! (Whew!)


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