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Man, every announcement of a potentially new upcoming electric bike is just a reminder of how truly ahead of the times Alta Motors was.... this is the best a major company like Honda can come up with? To be fair this likely isn't Honda motor corp, rather Mugen who i believe is a small part of Honda.


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Three years and such little development. At least one of the major OEMs is showing some interest in Emotos but, oh, what could've been. If Alta had stayed afloat, their success would've applied continuous pressure to the established manufacturers to step up their game, just like Tesla's effect on the auto industry. In that scenario, we'd be in the midst of an EMX/Emoto revolution. Instead we're here on an obscure forum dedicated to a discontinued motorcycle speculating about a machine that may never leave the prototype phase.


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Bike looks good 👀. But sorry Mugen/Honda bike looks weak .Wheels on ground test rider looks like he need rode a outdoor motocross track before. Maybe just maybe 🤔 he told not to break it….. but wait he did break it , as push it off the track . Oh I’m sure in three four year’s they leave KTM Freeride power and maybe get that Watercooled tease up to Alta Redshift Power.

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