Max regen and flywheels


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Does level 4 map provide maximum regen? Is there any software available to increase regen?
Been racing the Alta at Perris last couple years in the +60 class. Still trying to figure it out!
Welcome to the forum. I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences and challenges.

I have been considering buying the parts to adapt my MXR for short track (also 60+) but have not pulled the trigger, in part because I know the ALTA 'factory team' made a lot of mechanical and software changes to the bike DiBrino rode. The stock bike has some quirks compared to an ICE bike that have presented challenges to me in my very limited flat track experimentation.

The main thing has been the difference in off-throttle behavior which of course is a big deal in flat track. On the ALTA it seems like regen braking and low flywheel effect, plus possibly because there is no "idle", almost encourages rear wheel lock up. Related to regen/engine braking, I just ride it like a two-stroke. The quasi-traction control seems to help this ham-fisted rider on acceleration. The totally linear power as opposed to the power pulses of an ICE not so much.

Again, welcome aboard. Maybe @Tuner will pipe in with some thoughts on using a mostly stock bike on a short track. I believe the second ALTA team bike was a mostly stock MX.


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As far as I know, there was only one. But you could fabricate a disk and weld it to the ring gear, then cut the cover, fabricate a spacer, and weld that into the split cover. Simple.
So all the flywheels of different weigh were steel rings welded to the stock gears? What were the weights of those additional flywheels?


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I am pretty sure not. Pyndon has not logged in since last April, so he is not receiving those @Pyndon notifications. They stop after two months of inactivity.
I understand, I also remember that he sold everything. Just figured if someone who is interested in the weighted fly wheel could figure out who he sold it too (if he had one), they may be able to buy it or get the specs from it.

Here is the post where he was selling his Alta stuff. The drop box on the first page still has pictures of the fly wheel and post 48 is where he talks about selling everything.

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