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A few months back after a quick ride on the backyard track I plugged my EX into the charger (after ignoring a 9 Volt low voltage message) the charging activated and all seemed normal. The next day the bike was totally dead, nothing happened at all when i turned the key. My problems can be seen in other threads, but long story it wasn't just the 9 volt, there was something more. Right away Rashid510 and Mark911 offered their assistance remotely, sharing their knowledge of these packs and their willingness to aid a fellow owner. Rashid510 offered to help me rebuild the code36 pack that was for sale in California. Mark911 then suggested I send him my BCU and he'd take a look at it. I found some good info on the forum about removing it, but really wasn't confident in my ability not to shock myself so Mark911 was kind enough to take the whole pack. So began the journey of my pack, I built a crate, took it to a freight forwarder on Maui, onto a barge, then to a ship, to a warehouse then trucked to Mark911's door. He was incredibly generous with his time and expertise, taking apart my pack, troubleshooting it, replacing parts, installing it on his own bike and testing it, while keeping me in the loop the whole time by sharing in great detail every step of the process. I just wanted to thank Mark911 publicly on the forum because without his help my EX was just going to become a display piece. When I turned the key and nothing happened my heart sank, but thanks to the members of this forum I was able to get the help I needed to bring my bike back to life.
Thank you again Mark911! For anyone else out there who gets in a bind like me there are some good guys on here who can help keep these bikes going!


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Thanks for the shoutout @Wnuudiction! Our community is small but we're very resourceful. There's a couple members with inside lines on new and used parts, a few that take on repair jobs that the owner would rather not deal with, some that have suspension expertise and our resident software engineer TCMB371 (maybe even a few). Of course, everyone pitches in with whatever technical knowledge and/or experience they have when another owner's in a pinch.

As far as I know, I'm the only one repairing electronics by analyzing the circuity and actually finding and replacing discrete components (capacitors, resistors, diodes, voltage regulators, isolators, op-amps, etc) as opposed to replacing the entire PCB/module. Both ways have a valid place in the community depending on the circumstances.

The Alta is a very reliable bike so I don't get much opportunity to help guys like Oded and Wnuudiction. When I do I typically only ask for reimbursement for my expenses and parts. The demand is so little it doesn't make sense to charge anyone for my time and I learn something with every repair. If/when I stop learning and demand for my expertise starts eating away time I'd rather be spending on my other projects I might reconsider this policy but that's probably way down the road.

Everyone be heathy and stay safe out there!
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