Just bought a new to you Alta? Check your diagnostic port plug!


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Another important PSA (thanks @OneLapper for making this point). Always, always check that before the bike sees one drop of water that the diagnostic port plug is present and has a good o-ring seal. With the amount of people checking their bikes with diagnostic laptops the possibility of forgetting to replace the plug is high, and you don’t want to fill your ACM with water the first time you wash your new toy.

The diagnostic port is accessible by removing your seat and is located at the front (reference your manual).

@Philip , can we please pin this?


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There is also a proper way to install that plug, so be mindful of that.
Other than making sure the plug is aligned properly, is there something I should be aware of? I haven't setup MT yet so I've never connected the cables. I did a quick look through the owners manual, nothing there about how to connect that plug.


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I did discuss this in my (highly entertaining) video about how to connect an MT laptop to the Alta. Once I get done rambling on about various topics, I discuss connecting the cable at about the 8:30 mark.


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