I come to the Alta forum seeking your genius Knowledge.


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Found a Alta Redshift 2018 MXR vin#..... JB000406 they want $15,000 today. Beautiful bike I am thinking of purchasing but wanted to pick your brains about what ownership is like having NO factory support. How difficult is finding parts available? Dealing with software and hardware issues? I had money down to buy one but Alta went bankrupt before mime was build so I know about Alta's. I just want to know what your thoughts are of present day ownership? Thanks for giving me your 2 cents.....
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Our bikes are only worth what someone will pay and if someone comes on here and asks, I'm going to tell him what I think is reasonable. If it was 2 years ago I'd probably tell him to look even lower, but right now there is more demand. If he really wants it, he'll buy it. But I'm not going to lie and I'm certainly never going to tell someone it's a good deal to pay MSRP on a used bike with no company support. I'll be the first one to say how awesome these bikes are, but I'm not going to encourage someone into a bad deal. That's just being a dick. Besides.. he ASKED for our opinion. @TCMB371 you must really hate Kelly Blue Book then.


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At 15k I think a few owners are questioning if maybe they should cut ‘em loose and reap the benefits of this market. My wife let me know in no uncertain terms that her bike will not be sold unless I want to look for a new place to live :LOL:.

I feel it’s the over seas buyers that are driving these prices up. From what I’ve seen, if a seller is willing to ship, the bike is going to leave the country.


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I think it's all our faults. We ride these bikes and show everyone we meet how awesome they are.
So next time you are overjoyed after a ride, and can't wait to tell the world how great the Altas are, try to curb your enthusiasm and not post on AOF! **sarcasm**

Else, one day one of us might face a tough choice of whether to sell a broken bike for $30K, or to pay $30K for a parts bike to fix the bike that we love...

Or... wait a minute... would the choice become much simpler if Altas depreciated like old milk and could be bought and sold for just $300 each, like the gas bikes?

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