Harley-Davidson's LiveWire Has So Far Been A Flop: Report

Blatant Moto

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If I wanted to spend $30k on an electric street bike, I would buy a Lightning. Then I could really say I had cutting edge performance, range, and good looks. None of which applies to the mediocre product from the hypenated company-that-shall-not-be-named.
I would implore you to read everything you can about Lightning before giving them a dime of your hard earned money..
Austin Texas
Give us a few years and we will tell you the whole story.

For now I will leave it to this:
I firmly believe there were 3 main reasons why Alta failed.
Harley was one of them.

That being said, Harley's behavior was very rational from their point of view.
I have marked my calendar. As I am really interested to know the full story. I am very new to the Alta community, but seems like the company had enough momentum that even Sand Hill road VCs would have invested for the next round of funding. (Likely at a suboptimal valuation)

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