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Since the last threads on SXS plates is 2 years old and didn’t cover this topic, I’m asking anew. Anyone with an EXR swapped out their stock skid plate? What did you do about the stock piece back by the shock link that has the rear plate nuts and kickstand ignition pod attached? SXS did not make any provision for the kickstand pod that cuts out the ignition. Is there an easy “defeat” for the ignition cut on the kickstand wire so I can delete it? Don’t need it. Or do I drill holes in the new plate to mount this one piece? It looks like it will interfere with the SXS rear frame hook though, so I would need to make use of the stick attach point. Thoughts?


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So I dont know the exact dimensions of the SXS plate, but to "delete" the kickstand switch, you just need to use a magnet on the sensor to close that sensor off (wrap it in electrical tape) Other option is to change firmware from the EXR to the MXR (which also removes the kickstand sensor).


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When I put the light wiring harness on my mxr, I never plugged in the kickstand. So try unplugging it to see if that solves your problem of the kickstand down issue.

if you want the kickstand warning. Then why not just drill a hole in the sxs plastic skid plate?

also my wife’s exr has the sxs full skid plate and bolts right on. No modifications needed with kickstand wiring on her bike.

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