EXR #202 stolen in Utah

Southern Oregon
hi all, i loved my 2019 EXR but found that the bike and the trailer it was in (along with a few 4-wheelers and my riding gear) were all gone from my work parking lot this morning here in SLC Utah. I figured that, because this the best forum for anybody with this bike could visit, that anybody here that notices a suspicious EXR for sale might inquire about the VIN. i had her all registered and licensed but hadn't had the time to put too many miles on it yet. it was entirely stock except for the cool metal lcd screen protector i had just put on from keith parts (great part, by the way!).

thanks for anyone that sees anything out of the ordinary and can help my find my ride.

i attached a pic from one of my few rides a week ago View attachment 4080
so sorry for your loss - we live in crazy times - sure hope the Alta and all you had on the trailer is recovered in good shape and that the criminal(s) who stole pay a very heavy price.

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