Code 36 & 35 in the UK


Hello, any help and advice will be appreciated.

My 2018 MXR has thrown a code 36 and code 35. Below are the MT battery and dash screenshots at the SOC that I noticed the Code 36 (33%), then at 53%, charge, 76% and 90%.

Does this indicate a broken wire bond?

Is it wise for me to continue riding the bike? I’d like to race it next weekend and I’m currently still at the track I rode at yesterday for potentially another practice today.

Any precautions I should take?

Is there anyone in the UK who can repair this?

A lowdown of the bike and conditions leading up to the failure:
The bike is an ex marketing/sales bike that supposedly had the wire bond issue fixed in house at ALTA hq. The bike has been unused for around a year and before that ride was unused for 9 months. On Friday I charged the bike to full allowing it to balance the cells. Then yesterday (Saturday) I rode Flattrack in deep deep loamy cushion, which was labouring the bike quite a lot. It went into thermal limiting a couple of times before throwing code 36, then after charging to 90% shows code 35 too.
This point probably isn’t an issue but since Friday the bike is running an ACM from an MX and did not have the vehicle info updated to MXR in MT or re-flashed prior to riding it.



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The one P group has at least one wire bond failure. The lower capacity of that P group results in voltage differences shown (faster discharge/lower voltage during use and faster charge/higher voltage during charging). It'll cause the system to hit the low voltage cutoff before the other 83 P groups are fully discharged and hit high voltage cutoff before the other 83 groups are fully charged. The result is less functional capacity and range. The bigger concern is always whether (for whatever reason) the BMS allows that P group to discharge below the LVC or charge above the HVC. Both will eventually cause cell damage to those 6 cells but can also cause a fire if overcharged significantly. People run em like that for quite some time without issue, but in my opinion it's like rolling the dice.


Thanks for your prompt response Mark.

I rode a couple of sessions today and could not feel any reduction in power, although the conditions were different. I did add a 37 to my list of codes, but I’m guessing this is unrelated and just the typical false positive.

I’m thinking I’ll race the bike next week but keep it within the 25% to 75% range of charge to play it safe. I’ll then look at options for repair and if I can’t find someone closer to home I’ll look at the possibility of getting the module out to you.

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