Catanzaro Got his Alta!


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He hasn't gone fast/long enough to thermal out yet, lol. But he will!
I mentioned to him in a call you have a cooling system in the works. I think for now he will be alright as I don't think he will do any long motos with it but in the future it may be of use. It was 90s and humid the day he filmed this so it was prime for thermal limiting but I don't think he is riding it long enough continuously to hit it yet.


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Haha yeah that would of been a good move. I think he got a good deal on this one / made the delay a while ago. If I was getting another bike now I would want a 2019 MXR like the one you are selling

Well, the way he is loving it I'm sure a few of his buddies will be on the lookout for one! :)


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I’m really enjoying these videos. I’m sure all the Alta peeps are screaming at the sky saying “where were you guys 3 years ago!” but at least these bikes are still winning people over on EV’s. I really hope he gets more of his pro buddies on it, love to see these reactions.

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