Bike Ramps and other loading tips


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The whole bike rolled to the drivers side and off the back of the ramp - I had my rear tire strapped down with a Velcro strap which broke - I don’t think I compressed my forks enough so I think they squatted allowing the bike to move - it was scary seeing you baby dangling off the hauling rack.

That hauler Black Widow hauler is basically a flat surface so not much preventing the bike from hopping off if you don’t tie it down just right.

I got this different hitch hauler which is a lot more fail safe / front wheel I’d secured in place because of the steel loops - even the angle of the tie straps is better so the bike really can’t move once tied down.


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I’m very pleased with my StepRamp product. I got the longer version as my bed height was at the upper limit of the shorter ramp without my air bag suspension inflated. It’s perfect and super safe loading now, even a large ADV bike like my KTM790R. Well made and thought out. Nice folding closer strap and carry strap is perfectly balanced.




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Today’s project: Got tired of lugging my 8’ (60lbs) tri-fold ramp around. Just too awkward to carry by one person for any distance. So I built this little sleeve that goes over the end. It is built out of 2x6s, and it has some fixed 3” casters for rolling it. I just loop a bungy around it an hook it to the hinges.

Then you can wheel the thing around like an extra-long wheelbarrow. (I can also throw my gear bag on it). It also keeps the ramp from unfolding. So far, much more convenient than lugging the thing about 30 yds to my backyard shed. The flat box surface also allows setting the ramp on its side without it tipping over.

FYI: The black strips on the ramp are grip tape on the parts that tend to get slippery when wet.


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