Anybody with KTM Freeride E Please help!


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I also follow this guy's channel (John Howerton), and I actually like him very much.
Many of his tips are suitable for the Alta as well. He is really showing what electric dirt bikes are all about. I am all for it.
I agree, he does good things for the electric riding community


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be gentle im not an E engineer
my Alta fast charger I had the adapter to 110v standard US outlet - never had an issue with the extended charge times
is there an adapter for the KTM similar?


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There is no adapter for the KTM E-XC charger. it is 220-240V only.
In theory, you MIGHT be able to run it from a 20A 120V outlet though an autotransformer in the low charge setting. I haven't tried it.


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The OP lives in an RV park, where 240V costs a lot more money every day. @hellboy666 might have given up on his Freeride, or found a workaround, because we haven't seen him here for exactly one year.

A step-up 110V -->. 240V converter should help. It is a one-time cost, about $200, a lot less than paying daily for a more expensive parking spot.

Two questions remain for Freeride owners/shoppers though:

1) Would it charge from a 110V 20A outlet?

2) How many amps would it need at 240V?

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