1st Official Northeast Alta Rally Picture Thread


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Here are a few pictures from our first get together of the Northeast Alta Owners. @Matt was a very gracious host and offered his families beautiful New York property for the occasion. Fantastic secluded setting with a nice practice track to boot! Even some woods with a few single track trails and a picturesque pond. Very nice! We had 5 owners for the occasion including myself and @mrs. snydes , @Bloak came down from Canada for the event and also so we could take the opportunity to fix his battery woes. Our very own @Philip made the trip for Michigan and our group was set. Sadly @OneLapper had some problems come up and wasn't able to attend. Next time!

Bloak taking a lap at Matt's track after a sloppy morning at Tall Pines!

Philip figured the track out immediately!

Our host Matt doing a little track prep for the group!

mrs. snydes loves her Alta! Great picture Matt!

Matt taking a picture of me taking a picture before the tall pines ride... that was the cleanest those bikes would be for awhile :LOL:

Stay tuned for more pictures and video!


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I still can't believe that I wasn't able to get to this rally! By the time I finished my job it was 9pm, I hadn't packed up anything, and Matt's place is 398 miles one way! Also, it was graduation weekend and it would have been frowned upon if I didn't attend my daughters boyfriends ceremony and parties after........ I guess I'm a typical guy, I plan on doing something 6 months out and a week out realize I'm supposed to be getting stuff done for work and have social expectations of me!

Wish I was there! I would have liked all the mud I heard about!


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That's an interesting shop light there. Can't say I haven't seen that before, but there are many uses!
The best so far ( for a helmet light ) was used by the guy who inspects the load in the space shuttle. Clean room and everything. That was kind of neat.
I have unfortunate news...……… Task Racing Team #2 ( my team ) will be competing head to head with your Alta Team(y).
Bring it! It's ON! :p

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