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  1. sclyr

    Sold 2019 EXR in Florida

    $12,000 Perfect condition no codes clear title street legal comes with charger 407 908 1043
  2. sclyr

    Sold 2018 MXR for sale Florida

    perfect condition $12,000 407 908 1043
  3. sclyr

    2018 MXR Plastic Question

    To order pre made number plates, do I use a 2018 KTM as a template?
  4. sclyr

    Questions about chargers

    I bought a 2019 EXR, love it, it came with std 110 volt charger. I just bought a 2018 MXR and the owner tells me I need 220 to charge it. I am assuming I can use the EXR charger on the MXR, correct? He tells me there is an adaptor to utilize the 220 charger on the MXR. Help please
  5. sclyr

    Want to buy Left Hand Rear Brake Assembly for my 2019 EXR

    Want to add the LHRB lever to my 2019 EXR. so I need one please Joe Greschner 407 908 1043
  6. sclyr

    Want to buy Love my 2019 EXR Looking to buy 2019 MXR

    I bought a 2019 EXR. WOW! love it, looking to buy a 2019 MXR
  7. sclyr

    Bought EXR, same as MXR

    I just purchased a 2019 EXR, I LOVE it! Is it the same as a MXR? If I remove the lights etc is it the same as a MXR?
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