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    Devol Lowering Linkage arm

    On the Rocky Mountain site-the part # is 0115-5502. I read favorable reviews....said it would lower about 1.5 inches. Would this fit a 2017 Alta MXR? What is your take on this? As always, thanks ahead of time. This forum is the cats it!
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    Toni Bau video

    just watched an incredible video of him...possibly from his home....can't remember where I found it on this site. Want to enjoy it again. Hope someone can help.
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    sub frame bolt

    anyone know where I may purchase a sub frame bolt for my 2018 Alta MXR?
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    Grandma Zootie

    Last race at Englishtown, NJ in November. Shout out to onelapper for FW update!
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    replace battery

    Does anyone know if you can purchase a whole new battery? Don't laugh....just asking
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    code 37 high humidity in battery pack

    Help! My 2018 MXR has been charging fine again, but yesterday the check engine light came on with code 37 & saying to service the bike. It has been about 35 degrees lately....should that cause this? I rode the bike thinking it needed to warm up a bit & it ran fine but the engine light stayed...
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    Code 103.....again

    Had this problem several months ago & by changing the outlet at home seemed to correct this. Just tried to charge bike yesterday (regular charger) & now this same code came up. Bike had about 1/2 charge on it. Tried another outlet but still no good. Anyone have another idea? The bike is so much fun
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    2018 Alta fault code 103 second time

    Last year I took the bike to the shop for the firmware update. It charged fine after that. Been off the bike due to injury & rode it and when I tried to charge it (was at 30%) it gave the same fault code. After looking at one of the Alta videos I bought a 9 volt lithium battery hoping this was...
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