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  1. Judaslefourbe

    One thing came to light last weekend...

    So we had an ex-Alta employees reunion last weekend, kind of like a death anniversary of sorts. I was chatting with some of the people keeping an eye on the community and one of them mentioned something that made me both happy and sad: There has been 0 new failure mode in the past year. It...
  2. Judaslefourbe

    And then there is EV West

    Not sure how I feel about this.
  3. Judaslefourbe

    My Vehicle(s) link in the Customer Portal

    Hi all, A bit of information you might not know yet: we are (slowly) improving the customer portal. If you log in, you will now see a "My Vehicle(s)" link. Clicking on it will allow you to review the information of your motorcycle(s), including firmware status and warranty period. It should...
  4. Judaslefourbe

    MX/MXR, EX/EXR & SM Firmware

    MX_1.5.1 (7/25/18) - support for additional 65-degree throttles MX 1.4.2 (6/5/18) - improve battery imbalance check logic - display warning for battery and module imbalance - display warning when vehicle type is unknown/not configured - minor bug fixes MX 1.4.1 (5/9/18) - minor improvements to...
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