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    still mainsteam!!

    A Silent World - Red Bull Posts Video of Electric Freestyle - - Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews
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    Cobra MOTO Unveils its CX-E5 Electric Motorcycle at 2019 AIMExpo - Cycle News
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    Sold 2019 EXR 608mi

    starting at 7800.00 best offer rides Can’t stand the side stand.. best offer takes the bike title in hand As far as I know there is no other street legal ‘dirt bike’ available out of the factory- correct me if I’m wrong Battery replaced a month before Alta closed battery, 9v ACM & key switch...
  4. Bionicman

    ALTA Sighting

    405 N into Seattle Friday Plated - was it you? They (Altas) are pretty rare thus figured a sighting thread is appropriate 😱🤪
  5. Bionicman

    Tempted to sell, kickstand woes

    To sell out EXR & purchase a Sur Ron Change my mind
  6. Bionicman

    EXR overcenter kickstand makes me...

    want to return to a dino juicer the kickstand is infuriating!! I've cut mine down & its still makes me want to just kick my bike over when I park it anyone want to buy a EXR with 500 or so miles?:mad:
  7. Bionicman

    Sold Stealth eBike 73mph!!

    Custom built 73mph eBike Specs: Sabvoton controller 72150 Tft 750c display 72v 40aH battery! Panasonic 18650’s tops off at 83.9volts 100+mi range 19” moto rims 12000w hub motor Stealth Bomber frame knock off to handle weight of massive battery & controller No range issues here! Suspension very...
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    Momentum vans plug

    Momentum Vans
  9. Bionicman

    Custom eBike build

    72v 40ah 12000w motor 73mph bicycle
  10. Bionicman

    Cyclenews editorial

  11. Bionicman

    For Sale Dealer Dream...

    Dealer dream
  12. Bionicman

    Edit I did for my 5 yrold when he’s 30 last weekend

    Alta&Oset MX10 Naturally YouTube renders video quality to Atari levels but you get the point.
  13. Bionicman

    My Alta riding partner....

  14. Bionicman

    ALTA negatives

    During a recent cold ride fellow riders were warming their hands via hot exhaust gases. Me -blowing hot air from the pie hole🙄
  15. Bionicman

    For Sale 19 EXR mirrors

    Willing to part with OE mirrors if anyone is interested. Pm works best Good condition
  16. Bionicman

    OSET bikes

    With the FIM petition to recognize electric trials motorcycle competition into the Olympics. Olympic Trials Thought a good time to return the talk back to e bikes. My son has had a 12.5 & now a MX-10 OSET. Also a Yamaha PW-50. OSET bikes The MX-10 is no questions simply significantly higher...
  17. Bionicman

    Regenerative braking

    I'd like to start a discussion regarding the vehicle effects during cornering. As I have entered a corner very fast that required braking in addition to the full regenerative braking effect. While I would need some additional testing to confirm. Perhaps some of the motocross guys can provide...
  18. Bionicman

    Plastic sewing repair

    With zip ties...
  19. Bionicman

    NW riding

    NW riding
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