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    brake parts

    Hello, what you recommend for brake disc guard front and back? and brake discs? 2017 MX. thank you!
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    Hello Everyone, I own an electric car! the dealer and the manufacturer, recommend charging the battery only to 80% for longevity of the batteries, I'm guessing this will apply to alta bikes too! i'd like to hear your opinions on this, hence as far as i know we can't get these battery packs...
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    Interesting R pack tear down video

    he pointed out the pack does not produce the voltage advertised !!
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    New owner of a used Alta MX "Onelapper"

    A long Time follower of Alta, I actually bought one very early, but had to back out, never took delivery of the bike! Finally i own a used one! I want to thank Mark "onelapper" for all the help he provided, and his quick responsiveness to 12's of my questions as i was looking to buy a bike, he...
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