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  1. Scooter584

    Brake pedal tip

    Finally got around to putting on this rear brake pedal tip. I thought the stock end was a hit small and lacked grip. This was fairly easy to do and should be what I'm looking for no more missing rear brake! 😜
  2. Scooter584

    KYB SSS Suspension

    Has any one tried bolting up Kayaba SSS forks straight into the MXR tripple clamps yet? I have my stock set sitting here (from yz 250) and everyone is talking about the spring conversion for the WP's. They are both 48mm.... I have front brake and wheel also this might be an easy swap just to try...
  3. Scooter584

    Urban assault

    Had a blast finally got some decent urban assault time in, rode to a buddies house to help him on a van build roughly 12 min drive by car but I took trails, back roads, and ditches...what a blast. Took about 40 minutes. Found my new sand track too!
  4. Scooter584

    New look

  5. Scooter584

    Shroud screws

    Upper ("radiator") shroud screw is stuck in brass insert and the insert is spinning. Anyone have this happen and what did you do to get it out. I have pleanty of tools but just need a direction. I believe this has happened to me long ago on a Yamaha but I don't remember how I got it out. Any...
  6. Scooter584

    Code 33

    Anyone have this code come up? What does it mean I am trying to find where all the codes are and the definitions.
  7. Scooter584

    Front number plate

    Does anybody know which year(s) the Honda front number plate is? I recently ordered a Cycra for 09-13 Honda 450 and it is a bit different than thestock Alta one. It'll work but just looks a bit different on the top where it V's under the dashboard/bar pad
  8. Scooter584

    MXR fixes/mods

    So just picked up a new MXR, haven't ridden it much but from what I have I really like it (haven't gotten a chance to gear up and hit the track). So what are some of the things to look out for or fix/mod on the new bike...I ran across a forum about the chain slider breaking on the bottom...
  9. Scooter584

    Handlebar bend

    Does anybody know what the stock handle bar bend is? What brand? Thanks
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