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  1. Mark911

    Ever see this?

    Some of our Alta owners jump long and land hard!
  2. Mark911

    DIY conversions can be dangerous!

    Electric Motorcycle Builds : The end of the electric rmz Lucky nobody was hurt, but it shows just how vulnerable these Li-Ion based battery packs can be to getting damaged by an external failure or individual cell internal failure. There are so many failure modes which could have contributed to...
  3. Mark911

    MSC Eng developing cell replacement process

    Finally, I'm working on a bike that needs several P-groups totally replaced due to a failure with the balancing system. These groups discharged way below the low voltage cutoff, one totally dead! You just can't wake them up and expect safe, reliable and adequate performance after that...
  4. Mark911

    MSC Engineering YZ conversion vs Alta

    A short video of my YZ conversion going head-to-head with our own Bryan Haskell on one of his Altas. The Alta is the benchmark for electric moto so the comparison was enviable. Being down 7-10hp against the Alta (map 4), the outcome was also quite enviable. However, I've still got a few...
  5. Mark911

    MSC Engineering YZ conversion ready for track testing

    Wanted to share my progress on the YZ125 conversion project. My goals were simple (in no particular order) - 1) Lighter than the Alta by at least 25lbs 2) No thermal limiting issues 3) Minimal change in CG location to retain handling 4) No frame mods, completely reversible conversion 5)...
  6. Mark911

    KTM65 Electric Conversion

    Having owned several Altas and built a couple Alta based conversions (see Honda ElectroGrom and ElectroCRGshifterKart) I decided to build something electric that was NOT based on the Alta platform/running gear. Along with my partner in crime (Instagram Electrtrobraap (@electro_and_co) we...
  7. Mark911

    Mark911 can fix anything, if asked nicely

    If you have a known bad A or R pack BCU (aka top cover) I've been able to successfully repair 2 out of 3 I've had cross my test bench. As far as I know, I'm the only person actually repairing as opposed to replacing these units. I've also had success repairing failed ACMs, Inverter boards...
  8. Mark911

    Want to buy Looking For Main Harness

    Hey guys, thought I'd post this just in case someone had a main harness they could part with. Any model any year as long as the principle wires/connectors are present (ACM, DCCP, Battery, Display, Switches, etc). Prefer an older MX model due to the battery connector but not a deal breaker...
  9. Mark911

    Protected Throttle Idea

    Here's an idea I'm pursuing. Essentially I'm creating a "remote" throttle sensor. This works to both protect the Halls Effect sensor (inside the throttle) and allows for custom "turn rates" depending on the ratio between the two standard cable throttles needed for the conversion. As shown...
  10. Mark911

    New Dash location, possibly safer?

    Here's something I whipped out the other day. I wanted to get the display totally off the bars completely. One for protection and second because it's such a PITA to make simple bar adjustments. I only need to see the Map selection (only once), SOC meter and any warning lights, and the last two...
  11. Mark911

    Bladder conversion done differently

    It's been discussed that there's just not enough room between the shock and the rear subsection to incorporate a proper bladder system. There's just so much length and although going "fatter" might work with a piston type reservoir a true bladder needs to collapse radially, not axially, so you...
  12. Mark911

    Year differences

    Just picked up a back-up bike from a forum member, an 18 MX. I thought the bikes were identical. However, after working on it for a few days I noted some interesting differences between my 17 MX. 1) The 4CS forks are about 1/2 inch longer. 2) The throttle is substantially faster, I'd say a...
  13. Mark911

    Front hub mod

    I got tired of buying KTM front wheels when using KTM triple clamps so I counterbored 3mm off the rotor ears. Now it'll work with both triples (using 3mm spacers with the Alta clamps). There's still plenty of thread engagement.
  14. Mark911

    Battery Pack Disassembled (Frustrating Weekend)

    Had a frustrating race weekend recently. The event was the TWMX "Slam Fest" at Milestone Raceway here in Socal. An event tailored made for the Alta as it's basically a 5 lap dash for cash. Lots of big time players typically show up and it was loaded this year. Mike and Jeff Alessi, Tyler...
  15. Mark911

    Bad news for aftermarket? The battery management tech.

    My guess is that Alta has engineered an electronically variable battery configuration and integrated it as one of the main variables within the motor control system (throttle, maps, etc). The ability to instantly reconfigure about 20% of the cells within the battery from series to parallel or...
  16. Mark911

    Owner's Review Technical Review

    I've been sitting on this for almost 8 months and figured why not share it with the members. It's my personal assessment of my 2017 Alta MX (remember, it was written before the 18s were even announced). This installment is mostly from an engineers perspective. I have an equal but as of now...
  17. Mark911

    Spare Battery Pack

    Has anyone been able to buy a spare battery pack? I've been inquiring to my dealer for about 6 months and still don't have an answer about cost are availability. Since my pack was a very early unit and subject to TSB replacement I even had my dealer inquire about buying it back from Alta and...
  18. Mark911

    Just got a Recall notice

    My dealer informed me I need to take my 2017 (sn 049) in for updates. According to my dealer the bikes BMS will be re-flashed to prevent the charger from blowing residential home fuses (110/120v), the charge port harness will be replaced and the ENTIRE battery pack replaced (possibly changes to...
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