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  1. C5tor

    Display Guard - Protect it from crashes!

    Well, it took me two years to get around to it, but I finally installed my Alta Vault. Seems to fit pretty well, although I added a little extra padding. The reason that I finally installed it was because I was also installing some Tusk 30mm bar risers. I installed the risers mostly because I...
  2. C5tor

    LHRB Tech

    Dang! Did you see the rear end on that beauty? What, Honey? No I was just commenting on the excessive nature of having three separate 2-piston brake calipers on the rear wheel. It seems like overkill. I was just watching it over and over to see if I could figure out the Russian, but the...
  3. C5tor

    Just waiting....

    Sweet looking bike. The chain is looking a bit droopy, though! And that master link seems a bit sketchy. Enjoy the new ride!
  4. C5tor

    2017 MX Suspension advice

    Well, that is a good start, but I’m pretty sure Liquid doesn’t have any suspension links listed for sale. Anyone know if the MXR link was a stock part for some other bike?
  5. C5tor

    2017 MX Suspension advice

    Any recommendations on what link to try?
  6. C5tor

    Insta360 ONE X2

    I’d have to agree it is a neat solution, but the fisheye effect does distort the perspective quite a bit. Jeff’s vid looks a bit too much like a video game than a real life vid.
  7. C5tor

    I come to the Alta forum seeking your genius Knowledge.

    If nothing else, it shows the bikes are holding their value well. Who knew they would be both the most kick-ass electric dirt bikes in the world AND a shrewd investment?
  8. C5tor

    I come to the Alta forum seeking your genius Knowledge.

    Start with this forum: Should I Buy an Alta?
  9. C5tor

    For Sale Alta Plastics on eBay (not mine)

    I do enjoy spending your money for you. Now we know who to hit up with the hidden stash of parts in a pinch!
  10. C5tor

    CRF 2021 front plastics

    I'm diggin' the Pro Taper sticker on the display, just like the Pro Taper bash pad. Sweet!
  11. C5tor

    Running with the Rabbit

    Did you mean to comment on this, @Fog 25 ???
  12. C5tor

    For Sale Alta Plastics on eBay (not mine)

    These aren't mine. Just saw these pop up on eBay. Not sure what the story is. Maybe bikes used in some other project/conversion??? Anyway, just speculation. For those of you that are looking for a full set of plastics, or one of the elusive right-side number plates, or have a cracked...
  13. C5tor


    It looks like Joe Satriani doing stoppies!
  14. C5tor

    Running with the Rabbit

    Ha Ha! I ordered a genuine Alta honkety horn. But what showed up was a pair of fuzzy, red-velvet covered bicycle grips. Similar, but not quite the same thing!
  15. C5tor

    2017 MX Suspension advice

    Question for you suspension gurus out there, since suspension is one of those subjects that make my brain bits all confused. Well, it appears my son has been landing the MX a bit hard. We had mostly been riding trails and hills, which the 4CS suspension handled quite well. But now that he is...
  16. C5tor

    Running with the Rabbit

    Hey, look what I found on Amazon. It is even the right brand! It’s practically OEM equipment!
  17. C5tor

    Alta motor specs parameters and or files

    I didn't think the Alta motor had windings at all. It is supposed to be filled with magic, joy, the laughter of small children, and the sparkly bits of rainbow unicorns. Those are all the specs I need.
  18. C5tor

    Sur-ron and Alta MX

    Another Sur-Ron and Alta vid:
  19. C5tor

    JW884 Video Thread

    That place was seriously packed! All you can hear on the video is the background rumble, like a herd of stampeding buffalo with chainsaws.
  20. C5tor

    For Sale Need Convincing To Sell My 18 EX

    When I was a kid, my old granddad taught me to swim by rowing his boat out into a lake and chucking me in. If I got to shore, then I could swim. My parents were moderately surprised when I came home that summer from visiting the grandparents, and I could swim. They were going to spend big...