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  1. privateer703

    Rivian SUV

    I guess Rivian has an SUV in the works. It looks pretty good, but what the hell are they thinking with that paint job?? It's going to give someone a seizure. At least it doesn't sound like the amazon delivery van. Rivian SUV Spotted in Bloomington
  2. privateer703

    Alta in Fall

    Ok so it was cloudy yesterday and the leaves don't look all that colorful, but with hunting season started my riding is limited to Sundays, so I have to take it when I can get it.
  3. privateer703

    Sometimes even the Alta isn't enough

    This is when I really want that 2-wheel drive.
  4. privateer703

    Lyndon Poskitt Erzberg Videos

    POV videos of the Erzberg prologue on both his 450 and the Alta. I wish it was more woods enduro than the prologue. These Erzberg Rodeo Qualifying POV Runs Look Incredible
  5. privateer703

    Dolly Towing with SXS

    So since I've decided to go on this Hatfield-McCoy trip I would like to tow the Alta with the SXS with something like this: Tow Dolly I would look at something beefier, but the Rzr has the small hitch, which I don't think is a big problem, the Alta is relatively light. I could strap the...
  6. privateer703

    Hatfield-McCoy Trails, April 23-26, 2020

    If anyone is interested I'm heading out there with some friends who mostly ride ATV's. I'm also bringing an SXS because the trails can be LONG. There are plenty of short trails and loops for the Alta, which I'll be trying to ride as much as I can. I've never been there, but I've heard it's...
  7. privateer703

    Fork Adjustment Knobs

    So @VINSANITY and I are swapping front forks but his Rebound adjustment knob is missing: I only have the one adjustment knob on my MXR forks. He offered that I remove the adjustment knob on my fork and replace the missing one in his. From this pic I would think the knob could be pried off...
  8. privateer703

    Swapping MXR/EXR front suspension

    Vinsanity and I are talking about swapping our front suspension. Are there any considerations we need to worry about? Are the wheel spacers the same or should we swap those as well? I assume the triple trees are the same.
  9. privateer703

    Bleeder Valve

    Anyone know the correct bleeder valve thread size for the 19' MXR forks? I thought these forks were the same as the 15 KTM 250 XC, but the threads are much smaller. Rocky mountain atv wants me to select my bike for selecting the correct bleeder valve, but they don't have alta's in their...
  10. privateer703

    Inverter Charger Question

    I'm considering buying a salvaged Tesla battery to charge my Alta through an inverter. Assuming I get an inverter that can handle the 13-14A draw of the standard charger, does anyone see a reason that this can't be done? The tesla battery packs I see are 24VDC, so I would need a step down...
  11. privateer703

    New Motors to improve range??

    A new motor design claims 2-5x torque at similarly scaled conventional motors, which means we could shave maybe 2x the weight off the motor. Of course I don't know how much the motor itself weighs so maybe that isn't a huge improvement. However they claim their motor is 10% more efficient...
  12. privateer703

    Curtiss Psyche

    Not necessarily an Alta alternative, but a very good looking competitor to HD's Livewire. And I hope it wins. Curtiss Psyche
  13. privateer703

    For Sale Battery For Sale

    Not sure if anyone on here needs it, but there is an EXR R-type battery pack for sale on ebay. $2400. Alta Battery for sale
  14. privateer703

    Cove Campground and trails

    Took the Alta for a spin on the trails at the Cove Campground in Gore, VA. This was not the first time I had been on these trails, but it was my first time with the Alta. I was able to tackle some trails I had bailed on with my ice bike. This place is very, very rocky. I did a steep section...
  15. privateer703

    Tubliss on Front Wheels

    The last piece to getting my bike ready for this race is getting tubliss installed in my rear tire. I completely get why you'd want to run really low pressure in the rear tire to get traction and at the same time prevent pinch flats. But I can't quite wrap my head around running the front...
  16. privateer703

    Ready for a 24 Hr Race

    We may not be the fastest team at this race, but we will be the best looking. Here are the pics with the reflective numbers and AOF decal. Not too bad as far as the brightness of the Oracal material. There is a little washout in the picture, but that could be the camera on my 5 year old Galaxy...
  17. privateer703

    ABS Glue

    In about 1 or 2 years there's going to be a thread on here to post pics of your Mad Max looking Alta as we all start to break pieces of plastics here and there. Just for some info, here is an article with some recipes for ABS "Glue". How well it works holding our fenders together remains to be...
  18. privateer703

    Jersey Logos & Tips

    This zip file contains a number of logos and a Word doc help file for the CanvasMX designer app.
  19. privateer703

    Northeast Alta Rally

    I'm looking to try some different off-road parks in the northeast area and seeing what interest there is in turning it into a group rally. Some of the places I've been meaning to check out are Rock Run, Reading Outdoors, or Anthracite Outdoor Adventures (all central PA). I'm open to idea's if...
  20. privateer703

    Bought Kickstand assembly/parts

    Looking for a kickstand assembly for 18 MXR.