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  1. Oded

    The Storm Bee is out!

    How can an off road / enduro bike have the motor's wires exposed like that? First thing a rock crash when dropping the bike.
  2. Oded

    Display Deleter

  3. Oded

    MSC Engineering YZ conversion ready for track testing

    wish I lived in the US. I'd order one of Marc's conversions for my son in no time.
  4. Oded

    The Tire Thread

    I used the Michelin Starcross tire 18 120/90 for a while on me EX. Not my favorite tire - too stiff for the rocky terrain I ride on. In order to make it fit, added few links to the chain, enabling the tire to move backwards a bit.
  5. Oded


    Definately my next chain!
  6. Oded

    How-To : Install and Use Alta Multitool Software

    Let us know how the SM maps work for you. I have them on my EX and love it.
  7. Oded

    Thinking about getting another e-dirt bike: Which One?

    Not sure about the improvements. Did read that it has a 3.9 kwh battery. Will make a nice trail and play bike. The Freerides were not meant to be high end enduro or motocross bikes in the first place.
  8. Oded

    Thinking about getting another e-dirt bike: Which One?

    I think the 2021 KTM- E have some improvements for 2021. Not sure though. Worth checking out - KTM Freeride E-XC 2021
  9. Oded

    Enduro videos - Alta Redshift

    You are right - Greece, Spain, Portugal, Israel... Are all Mediterranean countries. Great for Enduro riding.
  10. Oded

    Enduro videos - Alta Redshift

    No need to haul your bike, you can use mine. These tracks are 25 minutes away from my house, and I live right in the center (Tel Aviv) ☺
  11. Oded

    Enduro videos - Alta Redshift

    Weather getting slippery over here. Still, winter in Israel is the best riding season.
  12. Oded

    easier start button idea

    Too many times had friends twist the throttle while i'm on the bike. They have no idea the bike is turned on (used to ICE bikes). If there was no kill switch, the bike would have launched itself outside the galaxy, while I'm on it. I would keep it that way.
  13. Oded

    Enduro videos - Alta Redshift

    Israel is an Enduro heaven. Most welcome over here. I almost never ride by myself. This is one of the times I did. I have to admit, I love the solo riding. No need to worry about slowing others, or waiting for them..
  14. Oded

    Enduro videos - Alta Redshift

    It's the end of summer with dry & loose soil. Grip is hard to find. Incredible how the Gopro flattens everything. I always get the impression from videos coming from the US, that you guys like riding fast tracks with open gas. Not to mention Motocross. Very different from most of the type of...
  15. Oded

    Enduro videos - Alta Redshift

    Rough terrain. Tough day.
  16. Oded

    Battery Bank to charge the Alta

    As I wrote before, i think it can be done with RC lipo pouch packs. The kind sells.
  17. Oded

    Error 32 - Service required negative weld. not good...

    Replaced the BCU en block, so not sure what was the cause. Mark911 may know the answer. Bike is perfect now.
  18. Oded

    Thinking about getting another e-dirt bike: Which One?

    The Escape is based on their trial models. EM are trial specialists. Not sure about pricing, but they are not cheap, so be prepared. They produce competition bikes. What Alta introduced to the MX scene, EM introduce to the trial world.
  19. Oded

    Thinking about getting another e-dirt bike: Which One?

    I would choose the Electric Motion Escape. It's a high quality trial-enduro hybrid. Lightweight, replaceable battery, have electronic or mechanical clutch. Did a one week course on one of these in France. Great bike. Electric Motion
  20. Oded


    This is why I use SM maps on my EX. The difference between maps 1-4 on the SM is so much more pronounced than on the off road versions. It's great.