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    Standard charger on 120 is about 4 hours empty to full, but on 240 it is about 2 hours empty to full. On 240 it is 2.7kw for the standard charger vs 3.6kw for the rapid charger.
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    Latest firmware update for SM/EX

    I had the same issue on my EX. I ended up having to change the bulb. I don't think it is a voltage issue, rather a impedance/resistance issue. If the bulb draws to much, or too little, current the bike kills the circuit. Here is the post on my issues.
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    Front disc brake guard

    Here is info on the rear. My post is for an EX though, not sure the difference on the rear between an EX and an EXR.
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    SONDORS Metacycle $5K electric motorcycle

    There may be some efficiency/range gains from using a hub motor. No chain or gear box. You are also talking pavement vs dirt which would give more range. Probably doesn't add up to double the range with 40% less energy storage, but it is something. The bigger issue with range is probably us...
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    Rivian Amazon delivery van spotted

    Jetsons would be cool. If I ever had to had sound on an EV I wanted it to be Jetsons or Flubber. :LOL:
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    Rivian Amazon delivery van spotted

    Typical political move, lets fix something that isn't broken. :eek:
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    6.6kw elcon charger

    According to the manual the bike also protects the battery from charging when it is too cold so heat, or lack of it, is definitely a factor.
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    6.6kw elcon charger

    The bikes may currently request more current, say 12A which would be 4.2kw, but because the charger is only 3.3kw that is all you get. If the bike request more current than the charger is able to provide, the charger is the limit. If the charger can provide more current than the bike request...
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    6.6kw elcon charger

    This is what the Electric Conversions web site says about CAN communication for the standard charger(PFC). I am assuming it is the same for the UHF, but it could be different. "The charger expects to receive every second a message from the BMS with CAN ID 1806E5F4 and 8-byte data with the...
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    Displays button functions (POLL)

    You mean I have to do maintenance? I guess I missed that part of ownership. :ricky:
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    25 hours of starvation ridge 2020

    It's a new high tech slider bearing. Roller bearings are so yesterday. You two need to get with the times. Glad you are getting it fixed and hopefully Silas will have a better race next year.
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    A pack vs R pack

    The A pack doesn't seem to have the Code 36 issue that some of the R packs have, but the R packs will deliver more current/power so "better" is probably dependent on your riding style and how you use the bike. If you need, and can use, the additional acceleration/power available from a R pack...
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    A pack vs R pack

    My understanding is that both the A pack and the R pack are the same size, 5.8kw, but that the R pack because of the batteries in it can deliver more amps and hence more power. I haven't heard that the R pack has more or less usable power. I assumed they were the same, but could easily be...
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    Gear Oil Level

    Specs in the book call for 80ml (pretty sure on this), but I regularly put in 120ml and have had no problems. I use a 60ml syringe to put the lube in so I just shove 2 full syringes in and call it good.
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    Any interest in an ALTA Redshift Registry ? (POLL)

    It would give a place that you could check vin numbers if you were buying a bike to see the history and if it was stolen, maybe? Probably especially important if you don't have a title. I think I have seen MX bikes for sale here with a certificate of manufacture/origin or something like that...
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    Top Fairing screws

    I ended up unscrewing the charge port from the "delta wing" so I could then lift the "delta wing" and shrouds off as one piece. Once I had them off I could put pressure on the brass inserts through the "delta wing" plastic with vice grips and unscrew them. There are 6-10 small allen or Torx...
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    Most Common Parts to Replace

    I have a little over 5,000 miles on my bike and have done almost nothing except tires and a little gear lube. If something Alta proprietary breaks, there seems to be enough parts and knowledge through this site to fix everything. I haven't heard of a bike being permanently broken at this...
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    Talk me into buying an Alta. Talk me out of buying an Alta.

    So, where is the question in this? Wife says do it, run, don't walk, before she changes her mind.
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    25 hours of starvation ridge 2020

    Bikes and charging worked great. Course was about 15-16 miles per lap. The three of us all finished with about 1/2 the battery left and lap times were 40-60 min per lap so no problem charging on 240. I never really had a problem following the course, but there were times that I didn't know...