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    Racing an alta mx in UK enduro series

    Its been a long time since physics class but F=MA doesnt have any exponents so the amount of work the battery does is linear with respect to weight. The Alta battery is roughly twice the capacity of most surrons. Unless a rider is less than 40 pounds, the Alta should have more range than...
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    Getting rid of regen if possible

    I think i would be better off without regen completely. Since I did a firmware update on my MX I am noticing the regen much more for some reason. Regen in all maps is very pronounced from say 10 mph down to zero, which is where I do much of my riding, apparently. I think I would get less arm...
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    Racing an alta mx in UK enduro series

    What do other people ride in the e class? How far can you go per hour on your race bike? How much elevation change is there? Unless the other entrants have bantamweight bikes or swappable batteries on full sized bikes, they are in the same boat as you as far as range limits. Everybody must...
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    Trevor -- Clean dirtbikes with a dash of Alta thrown in? Looks kind of cool and under 200 pounds, which is nice
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    A little bit about my 2008 YZ250F Electric Conversion

    TM4 TautronicTM | Dana TM4 Claims to supply the inverter to Zero motorcycles. Maybe the new SRS bikes? I think all the older models use sevcons... Also to address my own curiosity, this was the only place i found selling the sevcon software (didn;t try Borg Warner directly though)...
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    A little bit about my 2008 YZ250F Electric Conversion

    I'll go in on a ixxat with anybody if its prohibitively expensive I'm wondering if two votol 150s controllers might work on a split stator motor. I guess you can modify the shunt inside and trick it into dumping more amps. i think they might be voltage limited though. cheaper to experiment...
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    German PohlBock

    So far I think there is only the one bike made? I recall a comment by others that it was a husky chassis from a few years back. (pre ktm engulfment)
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    German PohlBock

    The controller they show is one of these SL controller series | siliXcon I think this controller brand is also used in Cake and EM
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    Fast Charger on MX model

    hey great, small world! send me a message with your info or post it
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    Fast Charger on MX model

    closest big town to us is winchester va
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    Fast Charger on MX model

    I have a dealer laptop if you want yours checked or updated
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    Mortch E-motos and YZ250F Conversion

    go check out the banshee storm! maybe its not that far from you?
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    Home-built based on CR

    Zero motor, BAC8000, big prismatic battery? HONDA CRF 250R Električni Motocross - BULL BIKES Električna Kolesa
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    Display Deleter

    How many LED are possible? It sounds like so far you have one for state of charge and one for error/contactor closed. If the arduino? has access to all hundreds of data parameters then there are a bunch of cool things that people could make use of eventually. Battery temp seems like it would...
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    Display Deleter

    This is great. If you build a component that allows the bike to be functional without the ALta display, you have a winner. As for the added indicators, they are gravy. In deciding what gravy features make sense, can you give us a menu of what might be possible? The alta display gets...
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    Storm Bee riden by David Knight

    How can a bike weighing the same as the Alta go further with a smaller pack of the same cells?
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    More frankenbikeism. Changed from 19 inches front and back to 18 and 21. Let's me use taller sidewalls, rides better over chunky stuff. Heaviest surron around, though. I wonder if it will still fit inside my car=)
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    got a Sur Ron yesterday

    ERT BAC is bad news but Teznik or ebikezilla BAC might be better. Its all incestuous as ebikezilla might be ERT stuff... I waited 9 months for Nucular but its very good. Light speed is probably ok for the battery. Might not be that far from your location, actually. There are options from...
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    Custom YZ450F Conversion

    Im working on a conversion bike and am entertaining running dual controllers. Don't these Yamaha conversions both run split phase motors? I'm skeered of sevcons for some reason:) ( i could run two smaller, cheaper, easier to live with controllers, potentially)