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    Getting rid of regen if possible

    I think i would be better off without regen completely. Since I did a firmware update on my MX I am noticing the regen much more for some reason. Regen in all maps is very pronounced from say 10 mph down to zero, which is where I do much of my riding, apparently. I think I would get less arm...
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    Trevor -- Clean dirtbikes with a dash of Alta thrown in? Looks kind of cool and under 200 pounds, which is nice
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    Offroad struggles with the MX bike

    My next project is to improve the OEM suspension if possible. It stinks in slow technical offroad. I am the type that can ride just about any setup or bike and make it work ok. I'll adjust sag but hardly ever touch a clicker. I swapped bikes with someone this weekend and was surprised at how...
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    Stealthy generator strategies

    I have a camping ride coming up. I'm the notorius early adopter/circus bike rider in my group. we are moving camp each night and are on a tight schedule. i'd like to ride the Alta if I can do it without being the "asshat with the generator and prius-bike" My strategy is to bring a spare...
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    How dangerous would a high voltage extension cord be?

    This is sort of an academic question but... I've seen pictures from the Alta assembly line? where the neonatal bike is plugged into an orange extension cord for testing/shakedown/qc instead of an actual battery. My present infatuation is to somehow use my spare battery as a range extender...
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    Western Maryland offroad 9/11-13

    I've got permission from the host to invite a few of my virtual Alta buddies for the weekend. Closest notable town on an interstate is Frostburg. Its a private enduro loop 10 or 12 miles long with some pretty good elevation change. We usually set up camp at the big building at the bottom of...
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    Altas on Motortrend

    Last night was I think a new episode featuring EvWest electric car conversions. Impressive shop, I thought. In the background you will see the Alta banner on the wall and a pair of Alta bikes lurking. Maybe our AOF member from there was shown on tv?????. I just stumbled upon it but it...
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    Dirtbike conversion battery etc

    I have a few projects brewing and this is part of a couple of them. I'm using these prismatic cells and I need to divide and combine the packs to suit different bike layouts. Does it look like the thick busbars are laser welded or some other process? Are the tiny bms wires fuse bonded like...
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    Inverter gross anatomy

    For academic purposes, I dove into the inverter as far as I dared to. I'm an electrical novice so this is part of learning more about how these bikes actually work. Inverter lives under the seat. The big round structure is a capacitor, I believe. Mine has a H&C label on it, maybe that is...
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    MX basket case bike resuscitation

    I need help to determine if I can make a runner out of a pile of spare and possibly mismatched electronic components. I think I have all the essential components because all of the connectors on the harness are plugged into a component except the "light" plug. I'm a novice alta owner so...
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    Alta at Geneva supercross right now

    Just saw an alta as part of the freestyle show doing backflips etc. They showcased it a little as a novelty but I didn't understand the language. The show is currently live if anybody happens to see this