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  1. Oded

    Enduro videos - Alta Redshift

    Rough terrain. Tough day.
  2. Oded

    Click'n ride turn signal lights

    Finished installing the click'n ride turn signal lights. Pull them out when going off road, and insert them in for road use. Works great, a real high qaulity product. For 55$ (Amazon), I suggest grabbing a set -
  3. Oded

    Compression and Rebound

    My EX's front suspenion is stock, and work pretty well for slow technical riding. Very soft & forgiving. Problem arises when I ride faster, the front washes easily from loose rocks and other obstacles. My worst falls occurred when riding faster on fire roads and single tracks, having the front...
  4. Oded

    Israel's top enduro rider!

    This 16 years old Israely rider is the number 1 rider in Israel. He competed not long ago in Romaniacs (Gold category) and finished in 16 place, If I am not mistaken. One hell of a rider. Short video worth watching -
  5. Oded

    140/80 rear tire?

    Would like to try a 140/80 rear tire (Kenda Gauntlet K779) on my EX. I now use the Kenda Equilibrium which is great for the winter, but looking now for loose dirt + rocks. Suitable tire (gummy). Had to add 2 links to the chain in order to fit the Equilibrium. Anyone tried a 140/80?
  6. Oded

    Uploading SM maps to the EX?

    Would like to upload the SM maps to my EX. Do I need to upload the entire SM firmware, or only the module that is responsible for the different maps? Wouldn't the fact that the SM have onboard charger cause any problem to the offboard charger EX (firmware wise)?
  7. Oded

    Pull straps

    Looking to add front and rear pull straps for my Redshift. universal straps fit? To which bolt do I fit them to (the side number plate's bolts?)?
  8. Oded

    oil leak from front fork

    noticed a leak from the left fork. turned out there is a laceration in the tube from a previous fall. destroys the oil seals and such when the outer tube passes over it. managed to fix it with some filling and polishing it. so far it seems to work well, but only time will tell if it needs to be...
  9. Oded

    Good to be back!

    after 3 months with a dead bike, had the BCU replaced and the bike is back to life. today's ride went great. thanks for all the help with getting my bike back!
  10. Oded

    Can not flash firmware

    Got a new BCU for my EX. Installed it, and tried to flash the firmware with the Multitool. Ran into a problen, in which the bike can not finish the installation because it does not recognize certain components. I am attaching photos of the error windows. Any ideas?
  11. Oded


    since my Alta is in the garage, Had some time to do a test drive on the EZRaider - it's an Israely developed on & off road electric vehicle. 3 models - basic 2 wheel drive mid range 2 wheel drive with larger capacity battery and off road tires high range 4 wheel drive...
  12. Oded

    Battery HV & LV extension cables

    Having an extension cable for the main battery connectors (orange HV & black LV), would have made my life so much easier. Installing and uninstalling batteries for diagnostics and repair is a nightmare. Someone knows the type/name of the connectors, in order to produce some ext. cables?
  13. Oded

    Want to buy BCU ("A" pack upper cover)

    My 2018 EX is out of order as can be seen in this thread - Error 32 - Service required negative weld. not good... Looking for a replacement BCU board (with or without the upper plastic cover). Will be a great help.
  14. Oded

    Electric Motion - 2020 models

    The French company "Electric Motion" introduced their new models. Some upgrades such as battery, chassis & motor were made, however the most interesting feature IMO is the left hand lever. You can order it with one of the following functions- 1. Progressive motor braking (in addition to the...
  15. Oded

    Error 32 - Service required negative weld. not good...

    after a morning ride (no crashes, just some bumps), rode back and everything was perfect. 50% battery left. turned the bike off, and 10 minutes later, when turning on the bike got the the following error "code 32 - service required negative weld". bike will not move, and have to be towed. Read...
  16. Oded

    Steg Pegz for the Redshift?

    Does someone know if the Steg Pegz can be fitted to the Redshift in any way? Someone have experience with it? For those who are not familiar with it -
  17. Oded

    Knee braces - which one?

    Used knee guards until now, and would like to upgrade to a knee brace. Candidates are - Mobius Leatt Asterisk Pod Of course, fitting will be the the major concern, but from your experience, any recommendation?
  18. Oded

    Redshift equipped with a bluetooth speaker

    The Bose mini BT speaker is one of the best out there. Excellent high volume sound, water and fall proof. Makes for a great edition to the Redshift, and installs in 2 seconds. It's like its meant for it 😉. We all like the silence of the bike and nature, but it's also nice to hit the trails with...
  19. Oded

    Bird eye view - Redshift EX

    Day out with my 2 favorite electric Gizmos - Redshift EX & Aerial photography drone (in follow me mode)
  20. Oded

    Minor electrical problems - EX

    noticed that the bike's horn is not working, and the brake tail light isn't illuminated when brake is activated. Rest of the lights are fine, and bike runs 100%. Before I dive into the 12v harness and connectors, any tips?